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Description of Cheque Factory

Cheque Factory is a simple program that will assist you in printing cheques in three languages Arabic, English or French. Correspondingly it can handle currencies Dollar, Pound, Euro, Dinar… This software is for developers of applications for accounting, payroll, cash management, which can integrate it into their programs seamlessly. Printing process is simplified through wizards. These wizards help setup the configuration for printing a cheque. You can edit or change the chosen configuration easily at any time (before the printing have begun).
The print wizard uses these configurations to run print jobs and management of numbers of cheques and balance remaining in the bank, etc. When configuring the cheque format use:
  * The necessary fields with drag & drop ease.
  * You can choose to have the right font and color and make alterations as difficult as possible by anyone else and prevent cheque fraud.
  * Select a character delimiter.
  * You can preview the print configuration to ensure you have what exactly you wanted.
  * Choose a custom print size if you need it..
  * The application can store your digital signature if needed.
  * The access to the software can be protected by password to prevent unauthorized access.
Data can be transferred back and forth to/from the application in formats like Xbase, FoxPro and Excel, etc. to make it easy to work with other applications.
The application would work with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.
If you do a lot of cheque printing or are developing an accounting application that needs cheque printing module, this is a good option. You should try it out in your own setting.


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