"The Closet" 2.0

Use 'The Closet' just like you would any other closet- for closet space.

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Description of "The Closet"

TO OPEN THE CLOSET, right-click on the desktop, anywhere where there is not a desktop item, and click on ‘The Closet’ in the right-click context menu.

Use The Closet just like you would any other closet- for closet space. Put files in it you want to take care of but keep out of sight. Put junk in it that you are just not quite ready to throw away. Use it to get some of the clutter out of your ‘Briefcase’ or ’ Documents’. Remove items, you do not often use, from your desktop and place them in The Closet. You will have easy access to these items and a cleaner desktop.

‘The Closet’ is not meant to be used as a method of security. It is meant to be used for storage. However, using the ‘Secure Deletions’ feature and the ‘File Cabinet’ feature can greatly increase your security level when working with your personal folders and files.

The Secure Deletions feature does the following:

-encrypts and overwrites files
-encrypts and overwrite folders and their contents

You are given the option of witnessing the overwrite procedure. Use a small test folder containing several small text files and one or two sub-folders that contain a couple of small files and you will be able to see for yourself the total destruction of the test folder and its contents.

The File Cabinet feature is for hiding/protecting your personal folders and files and rather simple to use. Use a test folder to experiment with and test the ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ buttons. Your test folder can be locked in a File Cabinet using the Lock button. Your folder, and its contents, will truly be inside the ‘cabinet’ folder. Use the Unlock button to make the test folder visible once again.

There is a Backup feature. The Backup feature is quick and easy to use, and as a result can be very useful.

System Requirements:

Vista Operatin. System

What's New in This Release:

Several features added.


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